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Top of the Podium Fredericksburg

The Rappahannock Region's premier youth wrestling center and training facility.  

Wrestling Gear


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TOP FXBG is proud to be part of the Top of the Podium family.  Owned and operated by the Davis family, our mission is to serve wrestlers, their families and our local wrestling community to grow the sport and cultivate a love for wrestling 

in our region.

We are renovating an existing facility in order to become the region's premier wrestling destination.  We offer training opportunities for kids and adults, adult fitness classes, traditional and unique fitness equipment,  a full mat and a dedicated 12' x 14' mat for our 24/7 and TOP Fitness  members, mat rentals, snow day wrestling, and more!

What We Offer


Clinic Wrestling

Clinic Wrestling offers youth wrestling instruction in a mini-clinic format.  Affordable and accessible, the Clinic Wrestling mission is to serve all wrestlers, regardless of their school or wrestling club affiliation.  Our goal is to make every athlete who steps on our mat a better wrestler!  Clinic Wrestling - Love the Sport!

TOP Fitness Classes

Fitness classes designed for wrestlers and their parents!  Kick your metabolism into high gear with an on-site HIIT class while the kids practice!  Try our Power Yoga classes to build strength and cardiovascular endurance, while increasing mobility and flexibility.  


TAKE CONTROL of your health while supporting youth wrestling!  100% of TOP Fitness proceeds go back into our youth wrestling program.


TOP 24/7

TAKE CONTROL and take your training to the next level!  Our 24/7 equipment has been specifically chosen to meet every wrestler's  unique needs.  

From traditional weightlifting equipment and Dopamineo Bands to climbing ropes and sledgehammers... Our equipment will offer a fun challenge that you won't find in your average gym!  TOP 24/7 has a dedicated 12' x 14' wrestling mat so members always have space to drill, even while the main mat is in use.


TOP 24/7 isn't  just for wrestlers...  Our unique, onsite gym is the perfect way for mom and dad to maximize their time and get a workout in while the kids wrestle. 

Open Mat & Facility Rental

Does your group need a practice space?  Are you looking for a place to host duals?  How about a venue for a clinic?  TOP FXBG has you covered!  From special events and snow days to regular weekly practice rentals, we're here to support you!  Let us help you and let's Grow the Sport together!

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Camps & Events

Looking for information on TOP's Winter Wrestling Series?  Upcoming camps and clinics?  How about our FREE  Discover Wrestling clinics?  Here's where you'll find it all!

Takedowns Store

Coming Soon!

Your in-person destination for wrestling gear!  Finally, a place to shop for shoes, headgear, apparel & more!

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