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On-site adult fitness classes for wrestler and their parents! 


Maximize your time and set a good example for your kids by getting a workout in alongside your older wrestler or while your young ones wrestle.


Join us on the loading dock for interval training designed to boost metabolism and burn calories while building strength and endurance. 

What to expect: A heart pumping workout with lots of sweat! Beginners, don't fear!  Our AMRAP format (As Many Reps As Possible during a timed interval) is great for beginners and veteran fitness enthusiasts alike.

Exercises can include use of tires, battle ropes, sledgehammers, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, bodyweight movements, TRX straps and more!

Bring: sneakers & water.  Class may be cancelled during inclement weather.

45 minute class


Gym Equipments


Traditional strength training movements meets functional fitness.  


What to expect:  A set number of repetitions per round in this strength circuit.  Less intense than HIIT, but still an awesome workout!

Bring: sneakers & water.  Be prepared to work indoors on winter nights or during inclement weather (no street shoes beyond the lobby).

45 minute class


With an emphasis on strength and flexibility, this athletic practice builds lean muscle and increases joint mobility.

What to expect: A sweaty outdoor practice with lots of movement through poses. Class will end with Shavasana (deep relaxation) to help reset and refresh both the mind and body.

What to bring: Yoga mat & water are must-haves. A small towel is nice to have to wipe away sweat or place over eyes during Shavasana.

45 minute class




TOP Fitness classes are free for wrestlers (and their parents) with current Clinic Wrestling memberships!  Drop-in's are only $10 or sign up for a monthly membership with unlimited classes for $50 per month.  

100% of TOP Fitness proceeds go towards our youth wrestling program, keeping wrestling affordable and accessible!

Not sure if TOP Fitness is for you?  Try out a class for free!


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